Live Animals

Do you like to travel or you have found  a new place where to live  – ASI CARGO Ltd will arrange transportation for your pet to always be together with your pet.

Have you found new owner for the animal – we will organize the transport to deliver the animal without stress.

Have you found an exotic animal – we will help you to deliver it from any place of the world.

Does not matter if it is a dog, a cat, a bird or any kind of an animal, ASI CARGO Ltd will provide air transporting solutions.

Requirements for transportation:

  • Appropriate container for transportation;
  • Pet must be micro chipped;
  • Animal must hold EU PET PASSPORT;
  • Prepare all necessary veterinary documents and vaccines.


Let us know the size of the container, total weight (container + animal) and the destination and we will offer adequate solutions and optimal costs.

Requirements for container:

  • The container must in general made to allow the pet  stand in a natural position with clearance above its highest point (either the head or body), turn round and lie down. 
  • The container must be clean and, if being reused, it must have been thoroughly disinfected or sterilized.
  • The container must be leak – proof, provided with absorbent bedding.
  • The container must conform to the IATA regulations. If animal is big and appropriate container cannot be found in the shop, specially designated container can be made for the pet.



New York


Los Angeles

Hong Kong